Friday, November 11, 2016

Thoughts on the Election

Normally this is a book blog but we had an election this week and I wanted to share my thoughts.  I voted for Hillary and obviously I am disappointed (and worried) by the outcome. The narrative as to why Trump won is that the white working class who live in OH, PA, MI, WI etc have felt ignored for decades by the Media, Hollywood, Wall Street and how the Democratic Party has forgotten the working man and woman.

I'm not immune to this argument.  Turn on the Sunday News shows each week and the same highly paid journalists and politicians are giving their views about foreign policy or DC gossip.  Ditto on the nightly Cable news shows where the salaries are enormous and where if a person earning $13 an hour were ever to be invited on to discuss their views about the state of the nation, the hosts wouldn't know what to do with them.

So there is anger in most of the country where we are not doing well financially. Millions uninsured.  No retirement funds,  Majority living paycheck to paycheck and magazines like People, Entertainment Weekly, US breathlessly telling us about the Khardashians.  I'm angry too but Trump was not the answer.

He ran the ugliest campaign I have seen in my lifetime dividing groups against each other.  I think part of the problem is that his insults and outrageous statements were so numerous that they began to bleed into each other until it all became a toxic stew that no one could remember.  In his acceptance speech he sounded gracious as if that negates everything that went before because who can remember all of the insults anyway since there were so many?

I also believe when you consider that we have never had a woman President in 240 years and that most men (and many women) could still not bring themselves to vote for a woman that gender played a part in this election.  Hillary is flawed (who isn't) but there has always been since the time she arrived on the scene 25 years ago a hatred for Hillary so extreme that I don't think it can be divorced from her being a woman.  I mean when you consider some of the terribly hateful signs and buttons about Hillary that were on sale at Trump rallies or the things that were said on twitter, sexism definitely played a part in this election.  And maybe that's the thing we don't want to look at.  Easier to talk about people being angry about the loss of jobs then the big role sexism plays in this country.

So these are my thoughts.  I'm worried about foreign policy under Trump.  On a personal note I am also worried about social security and medicare which the vast majority of us whether we voted for Trump or not will be needing.  Wiith a GOP Congress led by Paul Ryan who has been itching to raise the retirement and medicare age to 70 will we have to be working forever before we see our benefits?

He is the President now and can he change?  Can he apologize for the type of campaign he ran and resolve to be a fair and decent President to all Americans? Maybe the magnitude of the job he is about to take on will change him for the better. Let's hope so.

Anyway back to posting my book reviews in about a week.  No more poitics.  I promise.


  1. I agree with almost everything that you posted.

    I may be more worries about the future. I think that we face some potentially catastrophic outcomes. As you mention, lets hope that he learns.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments Brian. You might be right about the catastrophic events coming. He gave us enough warning about what he could do during the campaign. I think part of the problem is that we've been lucky as a country in that all of the Presidents we have had before Trump have been fit for the job and so I wonder am I falling into that mindset of maybe he'll change. I'm forgetting the things he said during the campaign. But already Gingritch has been talking about reviving the House un-American activities. We have to remain vigilent because based on his history he's given us no reason for optimism.