Thursday, October 1, 2015

Should We Finish Every Book We Start?

We begin books with the best of intentions, wanting to read through to the last page. But certain books start out well and then 100, 150 pages in they become a chore to get through.  I'm in that position now with a critically acclaimed book I have wanted to read for some time but I'm struggling with it and have decided to put the book down for awhile and move on to something I might like better.

There is a guilt I feel in not finishing books because for years that's all I did, get to page 70, 80 and move on to the next thing. And if a book is a classic there is a sense of obligation to finish it as well.  But life is short and when a book becomes a desert that you've been walking through for weeks hoping to see water up ahead, maybe its time to move on. Reading should be fun.

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