Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oxford History of the United States

My 50 book reading plan will include one book from the Oxford History of the United States.  So far the books in this series are as follows.:

Glorious Cause (1763-1789) by Richard Middekauff
Empire of Liberty (1789-1818) by Gordon S Wood
What Hath God Wrought (1818-1848) by David Walker Howe
Battlecry of Freedom (1848-1865) by James M McPherson
Freedom From Fear (1929-1945) by David M Kennedy
Grand Expectations (1945-1974) by James T Patterson
Restless Giant (1974-2000) by James T Patterson

I say so far because though The Oxford History of the United States was conceived in the 1950's the project is still not finished. There are no books yet written covering 1865 through 1929 for example.  A few years back Atlantic Magazine and the Boston Globe published articles asking what's taking so long?  Good point because each of the above books are huge and many readers may want to wait until the entire series is written taking you all the way through American history with no gaps.

That having been said the above list have won two Pulitzer Prizes, two nominations for the Pulitzer Prize and a Bancroft Award.  So if you are interested in a particular period of American history covered by one of the history books above you might want to invest the time.  As for me in the months ahead  I do intend to pick one of these books to read and review here at Reading Matters.

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