Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why This Blog?

I love to read.  Anyone who knows me knows that. But for years now I have had trouble finishing books.  I'll get to page 70 or 80 and want to be on to the next thing. I end up storing books in my kindle rather than reading them.  Maybe its an embarrassment of riches I have so many wonderful books in every genre (novels, biographies, romance, westerns, books on religion, current events, mysteries etc etc) its like what to read first?  And so instead of reading what I already have in my kindle I'm looking for the next book to add to the pile.  Since books are not cheap this is not a harmless activity of mine and so I am starting this blog to read what I've already purchased.

But another reason I am embarking on this 50 book reading project is about follow through.  I've never been good at completing tasks, weight loss being one prime example. And so as in the movie Julie and Julia where Julie Powell made a plan to cook all of Julia Child's recipes from her classic book on French Cuisine and completing this task spurred her to change other things in her life, I'm hoping for a similar result.

I'm hoping to get to the end of this 50 book reading project healthier and happier, realizing of course that there are no guarantees in life.  In any event I will spend the next year, two years reading alot of great books already in my kindle and posting my thoughts and I hope everyone who visits my blog enjoys the journey.

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